Saturday, October 9, 2010


Well i recently watched three movies I was sorta looking forward to seeing. First I watched Resident Evil Afterlife which i had been eagerly wanting to see, because it is one of my guilty pleasure franchises. I know they are not that true to the game and that they are not the most well written films, but I truly enjoy them all . Next I watched Nightmare on Elm Street (remake) mainly because I was a huge fan of the originals with Robert Englund. I had my doubts about watching it because he was not involved this time. To tell you the truth i was pretty disappointed with it most likely due to my expectations. Was it that's a horrible of a film? Well a short answer would be no, but a long one will have to wait. Then today i watched Piranha "3D" even though i did not see it in 3D. It was about what i expected and had no expectations going into it form the start. I would like to possibly do a review on one of these three in video format, but I want to ask you guys which movie you would prefer I review? One I liked, one I did not care for or the one I am in different about. This would have no clips in it, because they are all to recent for such things,  but would rather just be a plain old review. Let me know which one you would prefer I review in the comments and i should be able to do it relatively soon. Thanks and keep looking for future projects here soon.


  1. I would like you to review the Nightmare on Elm street remake, that's the one I'm the most interested in

  2. Same. I kinda wanna know what you think of horror movies.