Monday, July 12, 2010

The Happening

Well the next movie review I plan to do will be M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening". If you have not seen it it is the worst one of his movies I have ever seen. And no I have not seen "The Last Airbender" yet. I loved the cartoon and I think that will make me hate the movie even more from what I have heard. For the truth of it i made a video along time ago about "The Happening", because it was so bad I could not avoid talking about . This time I plan on taking it to the next level and making a more detailed and better produced video about this crapfest. So far it has a 5.2 star rating on IMDB and that is surprising as hell. I do not want to spoil much in this update blog so if you have seen the film you know what it is and if you haven't watch it or don't before my review. Either way you will hopefully be entertained. Yes it will be spoilers included in the review so if you ever imagine seeing it do watch it before hand. I need to rewatch it again and gather some notes before doing the full review so I am shooting to try and have it up by Sunday July, 18th. No guarantees on the date just my rough estimate.
IMDB link if you just want to read a synopsis before the review:

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