Friday, July 23, 2010

Next Review will be a mystery

So last time i warned you what the new review would be about, but this time I have decided to keep it a secret. Although I am going to give some hints and if you figure it out will be able to feel some sense of pride or whatever at this. Here goes some hints at what it will be .
  1. It was made within the last 10 years.
  2. It has a fairly high rating on IMDB of around 7.2.
  3. It has fairly well know actors and director.
  4. It is Sci-fi/fantasy and also dram/love story at the same time.
  5. An X-Man is in it.
  6. It confused the shit out of me.
Well some of those are vague but if you have seen it i would imagine by number you could know what it is . The date of release will be a little ways off due to other commitments outside of the Internet. I have it tentatively schedule to come out or around July 27th. This is not a firm date but I just wanted to let those few people who like this review thing I'm doing know i will continue it. However, the regularity may not be so frequent especially if I am not getting as many views as i would like. I will work on other stuff more. I like to do it so do not take that as me being egotistical or something. It is just no matter what anyone creates they want it seen so if i don't get much attention on it it does make me less likely to do them. Good luck with figuring out the movie. There will be no prizes awarded for figuring it out, except for your own self worth being improved. Thanks for stopping by and if you have not yet check out the other reviews I have already done.

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